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oh hi.


It’s been stuck in my head for the last three days, and all I want to do is dance.

Listening to Shake It Off for the first time via Taylor’s live stream on Monday, it brought me back to two years ago, when a similar event was happening for Red. I remember being so caught off guard with We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together- it seemed so polarizing and left field, and it took me a couple of weeks to truly get into it. Maybe because it has happened once, I was a little bit more prepared for Shake It Off to shed Taylor’s layers of country, and embrace her artistic 180º.

That being said, I love it. The song is happy, upbeat, and Taylor’s whole concept of her new album 1989 makes me excited for what’s to come. Specifically, her speaking about the 80’s and the idea of “endless possibilities” seems to be Taylor at the core, whether she’s wearing cowboy boots or crop tops.

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Hey Taylor, hope you’ve been enjoying your time on Tumblr. I wrote this article about you, Shake It Off, and 1989 a little while ago, and I had always hoped I’d find a way to send it to you, and this seems to be working for some people haha, so I figured I’d take a shot in the dark. I hope this gets to you, and you enjoy reading it (if it does)! Thanks for being awesome.